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Natal Chart Analysis

This one and half hour consultation session involves a full interpretation of your Vedic horoscope that Dr Theja has calculated and prepared prior to your visit. This reading focuses on individual’s life (past, present, and future) - revealing the karmic tendencies and gaining insight into all aspects of one's life which shape and influence it. Through a deeper interpretation of these tendencies, we can learn to overcome them and discover more harmony and fulfilment in our lives. In this reading, Dr Theja can analyse the cycles and transits of planets for the coming twelve months and even for a couple of years. Initially, he examines a period of two to three years in great detail, from all angles, month by month. This reading will be helpful in decision making.

Horary Astrology or Prashna (Question Chart)

Horary Astrology is such a powerful tool that provides accurate predictions to a native for a particular current event. This is applicable to those who are not aware of their birth details and for those who also need predictions from an astrologer about their current problems which are accurately reflected in the “Prashna” (question) chart despite the fact that those problems are also seen in the native chart.

This is a session, which analyses any questions based on the time the question is asked. A chart is created which focuses only on one particular question, which is considered to be the "birth" of that question.

Compatibility Reading

Analyses and compares natal horoscopes to gain deeper insight into interpersonal dynamics and compatibility (marriage, friendship or business relationship issues) involving two or more individuals. Mulitple charts can also be compared. In romance or marriage matching, the Vedic Kuta system will be used. This system will help you make informed decisions in selecting a partner or to understand the nature or characteristics of the partner you have already chosen.

Electing of an Auspicious Date & Time

Astrologically, there is a great danger of initiating a task or starting a venture at an inauspicious (unfavourable) time. Therefore, this consultation will help you to determine the most auspicious date and time to begin a new venture, to start a journey, perform weddings, for the incorporation of a company, the beginning of a new project or to lay the foundation stone for a house etc.

Name Selection (Nama Nakshatra)

There is a sound or rhythm associated with the placement of specific planets in a chart. It is the custom in Jyotish to fix a name for a person, place, business or event according to the planets operating at the commencement of that event. The naming is done to amplify one's attunement to the environment and to increase well-being and prosperity. A sound will be selected for you that will form the basis of a name that you

Rectification of Birth Time

Determination of birth time when it is unknown, based on the events what you have experienced in the past few years.

Other Readings:

Vedic Astrology Circle also provide astrological consultation on such specific issues as:

Advice on profession you may choose;
(This reading helps you to understand whether the profession you have chosen is right for your personality. It also familiarise you with the potentials and capabilities in you to adopt or be in a profession)

Analyse a child’s horoscope;
(This reading will be helpful to provide education for a child according to the planets that are well placed in his/her chart to avoid incompetence at a later stage. Choosing a stream of education to adopt a career or providing guidance on break in studies etc.)

Study your forthcoming health problems
(This reading will help to take necessary precautions to keep up with your good health)

(All clients will be given a recorded CD of the reading along with a document folder containing your horoscope and more information which will help them to understand more about the horoscope and even encourage them to learn more from Indian Astrology)

For clients attending to telephone consultations, the readings will be recorded and E-mailed as an audio file through the web. All the charts will be E-mailed as PDF attachments prior to the reading.


Charges or Fees

The main intention of this web page is to provide a service to people to gain happiness through Indian Astrology or Vedic Studies. However, there is a cost involved when practising fulltime and spending an average time of 2-3 hours per horoscope preparation and reading. Also the time spent on various services given above differs. Therefore, the charges will vary from A$ 50 to A$ 250 per study, depending on the type of reading and also from country to country. Former clients those who are coming for reviews may pay less.

I have been offering readings intensively for years and can see the time taken for preparation and study of each chart could take about 1 1/2 hours. As we know the reading will also take the same time making 3 hours in total per client.

Since this is a spiritual subject, it is very important to understand the difficulties of people, therefore those who are unemployed and having major financial difficulties may be given a discount. Therefore, it is always good to write or telephone to discuss the type of reading which is appropriate for you and to find out more about the charges. Dr. Theja prefers to keep doors open to everyone who is interested in having a reading.


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