How Can I Get a Reading?

Dr. Theja who is a well qualified scientist, has firmly taken the decision to practice fulltime as a Vedic Astrologer which has been his favorite hobby for about 35 years,mainly because of his love and passion to this subject and his spirituality. Therefore he offers readings mainly to gain happiness by helping others to understand their life path and the value of spirituality. Therefore, it is strongly recommended for you to follow the guidelines given below so that you get most out of your horoscope reading.

  1. Try to understand the nature of Vedic Astrology (Indian Astrology) by reading this web
    site and other relevant sites.
  2. There has to be a time for you to consult an astrologer or to be drawn to an astrologer.
    Therefore, if you think that you really want to get a reading then let Dr Theja to know
    about your intention.
  3. If you never had a reading then it is advisable for you to get a Natal reading (analysis of
    your birth chart).
  4. If you read the page “Dr. Theja’s method of analysis” you will understand how you can
    arrange a reading.
  5. Please let us know whether you are a client of Dr. Theja or a new client or need to take a
    reading for a friend or a relative or a family member.
  6. You will see under the Services Available the type of readings that Dr. Theja offers. So
    please let us know what type of reading you wish to have. If you wish to have a personal reading for your self or any one else, then ask for a natal reading.
  7. If you wish to have a reading please make sure that you fill the request forms correctly and
    send them to Dr. Theja.
  8. During the reading you have the right to raise questions specially because you may not
    understand a some astrological terminology or my explanations. Therefore, please feel free
    to ask any question.
  9. Just before the reading Dr. Theja will re check the data given by you to make sure that he
    has prepared the correct horoscope. Therefore, please take your birth data etc to the reading
  10. Since Dr Theja has a very busy schedule and as there are many clients waiting for
    readings, your punctuality will be much appreciated. Please make a note about the
    appointment given to you so that you will not forget it. Also due to unavoidable
    circumstances you may find it difficult to attend for the reading or wish to change the
    given information or to reschedule or to cancel your appointment. Therefore it will be
    much appreciated if you could inform us at least one day in advance.

>> Request for a Reading
>> Request for a Birth Time Rectification
>> Guideline for Clients



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