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The Australian Academy of Vedic Astrology is an educational center devoted to the greater system of Vedic and Yogic knowledge. The Academy promotes various related aspects of Vedic Science including Ayurveda, Vedic astrology, Vastu Shastra, Yoga, Meditation, Mantra, Tantra, and Vedanta with special reference to their background in the Vedas.

The Academy is mainly a research center, aiming at promotion and developing educational material and publications related to Vedic studies. It will work with various institutions and individuals worldwide for this purpose.

The Academy does not have residential facilities for students or offer residential programs but has allied itself with other specific teaching facilities which can provide these for those who want in person training.
The Academy will offer consultations and readings on Vedic Astrology. The Academy will also provide a list of all the other services available in Perth and will make necessary arrangements in order to get the best out of those services. These services will be available on our web page and Vedanet resource guide offered by our affiliates, both locally and throughout the country.

Australian Academy of Vedic Astrology is an educational facility that promotes some of the ancient Vedic Sciences. The Academy will help those who wish to study Vedic subjects including Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Nutrition, Vedic astrology, Pranavidya, Vastu Shastra through the teachers registered with the Academy. The Academy will also offer books and articles on various aspects of Vedic and Yogic Philosophy. The Academy works with various schools in India to offer continuing education in Vedic subjects.

Let us join hands

Well, let us join hands to disseminate the Vedic knowledge in Australia and in other countries and also to help and provide some guidance to those who are interested in practising or learning subjects related to Vedic studies.

Dr Theja’s intention is to develop a data base at the Australian Academy of Vedic Astrology by registering all organisations and individuals in Australia, who has a link to Vedic Studies. He is sure that this will help to link those who are interested in promoting and gaining happiness through this Vedic knowledge.

Dr Theja is more than happy to link these organisations and also the various Vedic disciplines so that those are interested will learn and gain a lot. This base will also help those who wish to provide some service or wish to receive the service of any particular area to find the most appropriate or suitable organisation to contact. The Australian Academy of Vedic Astrology will also develop links with such organisations internationally and specially in India. Also in time to come this will help to organise symposiums, seminars and workshops etc.

Since this project is still in its infant stage, Dr Theja looks forward to organising a seminar to invite all those who are interested and practising Vedic studies to a general meeting so that they get an opportunity to meet and discuss.

Therefore, it will be greatly appreciated if anyone interested could inform Dr Theja about their views or ideas on how this network could function or any facilities they are willing to provide in order to help disseminate the Vedic knowledge and provide happiness to others.


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